The Author

The Author

Throughout my cruises along the west coast, I have had the privilege of visiting every noteworthy port, bay, harbor, cove, anchorage, navigable river; and all but a few marinas on the entire west coast of the United States, from Chula Vista to Port Angeles.

I have enjoyed warm, sunny, clear blue-sky days in calm flat seas, spectacular scenery, wild life sightings, and amusing whale and dolphin shows.   I have also suffered cold, foggy, gray, windy, wet, mind-numbing days, bashing into large, uncomfortable head seas, with nothing for the eye to enjoy. I have also experienced the thrill of high-speed off wind surfing in Cape Blanco and Point Sur gales. The experience I have gained about near-shore cruising and visiting seldom-visited places during my cruises is to a significant extent detailed in the pages of this book.

~George Benson


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